VAN IPEREN is one of the largest Dutch companies specialized in the manufacture and marketing of fertilizers. It was founded in 1921 and has been developed in recent years through its integration with some of the major brands in fertilizers such as ADOB, which is specialized in the manufacture of nitrate fertilizers such as calcium nitrate Magnesium), as well as various types of clavicle elements, as well as TTD, which is specialized in the production of granular and granular fertilizers. In addition to the purchase of some large factories such as (Euro liquids B.V), one of the largest liquid fertilizer plants owned by the group of companies (KEMIRA) previously.



Cal Boron. Calcium dissolved in water and Boron complex on ethanol is used in the stages of flowering and contract Benefits It has a balanced rate of calcium, boron, and boron complex to ethanol, and the optimum for the plant to make the most use of the structure Increase the efficiency of plant absorption of […]

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Oligo Boron 15%

Boron role in the plant: Boron plays a vital role in the growth of the pollen tube, which increases the pollination and setting for all flowers The boron prevents the formation of small grains in the grapes (shoot berry) Boron increases the efficiency of plant absorption of water (water-shortage resistance) Boron plays an important role […]

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Specialized fertilizers. Potassium Phosphate compounds stimulate plants to resist most fungal diseases – European product of high quality and purity manufactured with the highest technical specifications. – Compatibility between phosphates and phosphates improves absorption of phosphorus. – Sugar content increases rapidly in the fruits and helps to color them. – Stimulates root, vegetative and floral […]

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Oligo Mn –EDTA 13 %

Role of manganese in plants: -Manganese is a necessary nutrientfor chlorophyll formation although it is not included in the chlorophyll molecule structure. Like iron, many of the important enzymes involved in oxidation and reduction reactions are introduced. It acts as an enzymatic activator in breathing and protein representation, and yet many reactions – especially breathing […]

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Oligo Zn –EDTA 15 %

The role of zinc in the plant: – Zinc is an important and necessary component for the formation of tryptophan, the amino acid, which consists of indole acetic acid. – Zinc also enters the structure of glycol – glycine -diptidases necessary in the representation of proteins. – It enters into the formation of growth hormones. […]

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Oligo Iron –EDTA 13 %

The role of iron in plants: -Iron is an essential nutrient for the formation of chlorophyll but does not enter in the structure of the chlorophyll molecule. Iron plays an important role in the formation of enzymes responsible for chlorophyll. – It also enters the structure of many enzymes necessary in the process of breathing, […]

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