yara fert

Yara Fertilizer & Chemical Industries LLC was established in 2012 and is one of the Jordanian companies
A leader in the field of fertilizers and chemicals, which is characterized by high production quality and a distinctive workforce.
Our products are diversified where we produce several kinds; including specialty fertilizers, mineral fertilizers, fertilizers
Organic, our products have several forms: powder, liquid, suspension, and paste. We also export our products to
All Arab and foreign countries.
Our main production of high quality products suit all phases of plant growth according to their need to promote
Product quality and productivity.


Ugarit phosphoric

One of chemical acids widely used in agricultural field especially in the new areas. It contains phosphor in high quality form. It is very vital for the growth process and the activation of roots and flowering. It eliminates the alga and fertilizers’ residues that damage the irrigation networks.

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