Ugarit 10 -10-44+ 15.8 sulfur

Ugarit suspension fertilizer group

Suspension fertilizers are one of latest technology in field of fertilizers, they are a new group of fertilizers in new form which is Gel, this form has many characteristics that are not available in solid fertilizers or liquid fertilizers. It also treated the problems found in powder and liquid forms.

Packet available

20 Kg


10% Total nitrogen ( N)
10 % Phosphorus ( P2O5 )
44% Potassium ( K2O )
15.8% Sulfur
1000 ppm Iron ( Fe)
500 ppm Zinc ( Zn)
500 ppm Manganese ( Mn)
50 ppm Cupper ( Cu )
30 ppm Boron ( B )

Application rates

Soil application:

Crop field: 4-5 kg/feddan once a week

Vegetables: 4-6 kg/feddan twice a week

Potatoes: 4-6 kg/feddan twice a week

Strawberry: 3-5 kg twice a week

Peanuts: 4-6 kg twice a week

Fruit trees:4-6 kg twice a week

Bananas:6-8 kg/feddan twice a week

Greenhouse crops: 1-2 kg twice a week

Ornamentals: 1-2 g/liter of water twice a week

Flowers: 0.5 -1 g/ liter of water three times a week