Oligo Mn –EDTA 13 %

Role of manganese in plants:

-Manganese is a necessary nutrientfor chlorophyll formation although it is not included in the chlorophyll molecule structure. Like iron, many of the important enzymes involved in oxidation and reduction reactions are introduced. It acts as an enzymatic activator in breathing and protein representation, and yet many reactions – especially breathing reactions.

– Manganese is essential and vital for the work of many other enzymes as an activator of protein enzymes (Nitrate Reductase and Hydroxylamine Reductase) and also plays a role in the oxidation of endosyl acetic acid IAA in the plant.

Symptoms of manganese deficiency:

The critical concentration of manganese is 20 ppm and below that, the plant shows the following deficiency symptoms:

1 – Yellowing between the veins that begins on the newleaves first then spread to the others.

  1. Very fine veins retain their green color, giving yellowish color and yellowing areas may turn white. In citrus, the symptoms of the deficiency appear on form of the dark green areas along the middle and side veins, while the areas appear pale green with a decrease in the area of leave.

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Chemical Composition

Manganese 13% chelated on EDTA Ethylene-diamine-tetra acetic acid

Methods and rates of use

Spray on leaves (50 - 100 g / 100 liters of water) - through the irrigation network (1-2 kg / feddan)