Cal Boron. Calcium dissolved in water and Boron complex on ethanol is used in the stages of flowering and contract


It has a balanced rate of calcium, boron, and boron complex to ethanol, and the optimum for the plant to make the most use of the structure

Increase the efficiency of plant absorption of water due to containing boron – increasing plant resistance to thirst and drought

Boron works on speeding the movement of calcium within the plant

The boron works on growing the pollen on the maturation of the pollen and thus the success of the pollination process and the fruit setting

Both calcium and boron play a key role in cell elongation, cell division and increased floral setting

Calcium plays a major role in increasing the soliness of fruits because it is the main component of calcium bectate that enters the formation of the cell wall

The compound works on raising the sugar and homogeneity of the size of the fruits and give the fruits good marketing advantages (the ability to tolerate storage and transport)

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Calcium (CaO): dissolved in water: 10.8% (weight / volume) - (9% weight / weight)

Boron (B): dissolved in water: 1% (weight / volume) - (0.8% weight / weight)

Nitrogen (N): 3% total (weight / volume) - (2.5% weight / weight)

Methods and rates of use:

Added by drip irrigation: from 2-4 liters per feddan - (3 treatments from the beginning of flowering to the end of the fruit setting)

Added by spraying on leaves: from 0.8 to 1 liter per feddan (3 transactions from the beginning of flowering to the end of fruit setting)