Specialized fertilizers. Potassium Phosphate compounds stimulate plants to resist most fungal diseases

– European product of high quality and purity manufactured with the highest technical specifications.

– Compatibility between phosphates and phosphates improves absorption of phosphorus.

– Sugar content increases rapidly in the fruits and helps to color them.

– Stimulates root, vegetative and floral growth, increases the volume of fruits and thus the amount of production.

– It is absorbed from all parts of the plant (leaves – stems – wood) at any stage and quickly.

– Phosphate stimulates the plant to synthesize (Phytoalexines) responsible for raising the efficiency of the immune system of the plant.

– Protects against all diseases of the family (Oomycetes), such as the downy mildew–early and late blight–fruit rust and rot.

Packet available

Chemical composition: (weight / weight)

(HPO3) -2       42 %

Potassium oxide (K20) water soluble 28 %

Available in packages 1-5-20 liters

Methods and rates of use

Added by sprinkling on the leaves: 200 - 300 cm / 100 liters of water (4 dosages by flowering to collect fruits).