Oligo Zn –EDTA 15 %

The role of zinc in the plant:

– Zinc is an important and necessary component for the formation of tryptophan, the amino acid, which consists of indole acetic acid.

– Zinc also enters the structure of glycol – glycine -diptidases necessary in the representation of proteins.

– It enters into the formation of growth hormones. And participates in the composition and production of pollen.

– It plays a role in the ability of the plant to retain moisture and protein composition and RNA molecules and encourages the formation of cytochrome.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency:

The critical concentration of zinc reaches 20 ppm and the low concentration of it shows that the plants exhibit the following deficiency symptoms:

1 – Yellowing in the area between the veins and these areas are pale green and may sometimes appear in yellow or white.

2 – There may be clusters and rosy small leaves that can be cut at the end of the new branches forming a rose-like shape -Rosetting

3 –It followed by the death of the vegetative growth and leaves fall before completion

  1. Some buds are small but remain closed, the buds turning white. The crop falls sharply.

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Chemical Composition

: Zinc 15% chelated on EDTA (Ethylene-diamine-tetra acetic acid)

Methods and rates of use

Spray on leaves (50 - 100 g / 100 liters of water) - through the irrigation network (1-2 kg / feddan)