Valley root

Valley root is a natural product that contains of a combined microorganisms that have an active and effective role in improving agricultural soil fertility. It is a safe product because the microorganism are not genetically modified and it doesn’t contain any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Valley root bio fertilizer contains these types of Microorganisms:

– Photosynthetic Bacteria

– Lactic Acid Bacteria

– Yeast


– Fungi

These Microorganisms has a group of useful jobs for soil fertility, they are summed as follows:

1- It secretes enzymes that decompose complex organic matter and metalize the nutrients that exists in it which means turning it from non-dissolved organic form to diluted mineral form that the plant could use and absorb.

2-It secretes acids that dilute existing minerals in the soil like non-diluted rock phosphorus and turn it into diluted phosphate salts.

3- Excreting some chelated agents known as siderophores that help plant absorb ferro nutrient.

4- Oxidation of non- diluted sulfur compounds and turns it into diluted form

5- Fixating the air nitrogen which increases the Nitrogen content in the soil, and the carbon dioxide synthesis by effective microorganisms which increases the organic carbon.

6- Improving the soil structure through combining soil granules together through fungi and actinomyceteshyphaes or gluing them by glue materials secreting by microorganisms which increase aeration levels in soil.

7- The Microorganisms help in forming Humus in agricultural soil which is a very complicated structure with sticky nature results from the decomposition of organic matters and leads to water holding capacity, Cation exchange capacity and regular ability of pH in the soil, buffering capacity and is considered a store for nutrients in the soil which improve the soil fertility in general.

8- Secreting plant growth regulators which fasten the plant growth rate.

9- Secreting anti-biotics that discourage the growth of microbes that sicken the plan.

10- Provide the soil with lots of microorganisms useful for cometing against pathogens and prevent its active role in plant.

When Valley Root Bio fertilizer is added to the soil, Microorganisms that are useful will increase which then reflects on the soil and became living soil and harmful microorganisms will decrease which we call “competitive exclusion”.

The plant roots secrets some useful matters like carbohydrates, Amino acids, organic acids, enzymes which is called Rhizosphere a system that plant get advantage of it.

Packet available

The packs are available in 20 liters – Tank 1000 liters

Dosages and application method:

In case of adding organic matter to the soil ( Non-decomposed compost)

First dose 20 liter / feddan then 5 liters / feddan every week for two months

Which in case of adding non-organic matter for the soil the dose is 5 liters / feddan a week for two months