Transchel Iron (Fe) 6% EDDHA

Transchel chelated iron 6% on EDDHA .. Ideal treatment for iron deficiency symptoms on plant through soil fertilization

It Is characterized by its ability of high stability, and its work in a wide range of acidity of the soil pH (3 – 11) and for its high on the site Ortho / Ortho

  • It is suitable for the Egyptian soil conditions alkaline and lime
  • plays an active role in the formation of chlorophyll and enters the formation of cytochrome and green plastids, which increases the efficiency of photosynthesis
  • Helps the plant in the formation of enzymes oxidation (Peroxidase), which helps the plant to resist stress conditions
  • Helps the plant to perform energy exchange and the destruction and composition of protein and various enzymes

Packet available

1 kg - 5 kg - 20 kg


Composition (Weight / Weight) (W / W): -

Transchel iron is available 6% at three concentrations:

Transchel Premium 6% (3.2% ortho / ortho)

Transchel Iron 6% (3.8% Ortho / Ortho)

Transchel Supra 6% (4.8% Ortho / Ortho)

Application rates

Rates of use: - "Addition by drip irrigation"

  • For new planted trees (8-15 g / tree / season)
  • For mature trees (50-100 g / tree / season)

The dose is divided into two halves from the beginning of the vegetative growth to the beginning of setting

  • Vegetables: - Total doses (3 - 5 kg / fed) divided by doses from the beginning of vegetative growth until maturity

(Drip irrigation at a rate of 1 - 2 kg / 10000 liters of water / treatment)