Amending compound for the pH of irrigation water. It also has properties to reduce the surface tension of the sprayed solution droplets and increases its spread on the treated surface.

  • Contains a diffuser and a neutral adhesive, where pH 5.5 and dehydration
  • Suitable for use with Systematic Insecticides and Contact Insecticides – Fungicides – Herbicides – Growth regulators
  • Equalizes soluble salts and reduces the electrical conductivity of the freshwater conductivity and thus can use high quality water in the spraying process
  • prevents the degradation and rapid deterioration of pesticides, and therefore can be used less concentrations of the pesticide more efficiently.. Especially herbicides

Packet available

0.25 Liter - I Liter – 5 Liter


  •  Tampon - Spreading Agent 60%
  •  Soap 20%
  •  Potassium Oxide (K2O) 10%
  •  pH 5

Application rates

Added to water first before adding to fertilizer or pesticides with 100 cm3/100 liter of water