A manufactured formula by chemical mixture method… it contains Nitrogen, Phosphor and a mix of micronutrients adding to that special stimulators for flowering process.

  • A rich compound of both Nitrogen and phosphor, chelated with matters that help in the absorption of nutrients inside plant.
  • It is very important in the period before and after flowering and fruit set because it contains additional components that support compound and help activate and fixate flowering and fruit set.
  • It is very important in formation process of protein and ATP
  • Important in formation of DNA& RNA
  • Important in improving the flowering, fruit set then crop amount.

Packet available

500 g


Total Nitrogen (N) 5%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 26%
(Fe) water soluble 3%
Zinc 8%
Manganese 14%
Proteins+ Enzymes+ Amino acids

Application rates

Adding through sprinkle irrigation method 150 – 200 g/ 100 liter of water
4 treatments before flowering till fruit collection


  • Shake well before use
  • Not to mix with high acid compounds