Amino Marlon

Amino acids is preferred in their free image Free Amino acids. Because the associated image means the union of amino acids together in the form of peptides with a high molecular weight. This impede its permeability during the gaps of the leaves, causing accumulation on the surface of the paper without absorption.

When combined with moisture (dew and water transpiration), they form a food and environment suitable for fungal, bacterial and other pathogens, causing damage to the plant.

LEVO type – Amino acids are preferred than Dextro type – Amino acids, in terms of their effectiveness and usefulness to the treated plants. The first one enters the protein structure, which is recognized by the enzymes responsible for building the protein. Plant in all vital activities.

Packet available

1 liter - 5 liters - 20 liters


L- ∞ Free Amino acids 26% W/V
C Organic 50% W/V
N Organic 8.4 % W/V

Application rates



Amino Marlon

Foliar spray cm3/feddan Drip irrigation
Fruit 600 - 700 2 – 3  liter  

2-3 treatments

Through different growth phases

Grape 700 - 1000 1 – 2 liter


700 - 1000 2 liter
Field crops  

300 - 500



Vegetables 500 - 600 800
Sugar beet 300 600