Amino Marlon Verd

Benefits of Amino Marlon verd on Plant:

 The amino acid (tryptophan) activates the natural Auxins in the plant, which have a major role in the process of “activating the roots”

Some of these acids, such as glutamic acid and Isoleucine, increase vegetative growth and early yield.

Acid (proline) helps the plant to get rid of stress conditions such as “salinity – frost – high temperatures – fungal and viral infections”

Reducing the effect of stress on the plant is achieved by reducing the rate of aging in the leaves, and the activation of protein in green plastids, providing plant with stimulants that reduce the effect of the main inhibitory factor, which is formed during the stress period and ABA Abscisic acid and Ethylene.

Packet available

1 liter - 5 liters - 20 liters


L- ∞ Free Amino acids 15% W/V
C Organic 40% W/V
N Organic 8 % W/V

Application rates



  Amino Marlon Verd Treatment
Foliar spray cm3/feddan Drip irrigation
Fruit 750 - 1000 3 liter  

2-3 treatments

Through different growth phases

Grape 1000 - 1200 2 liter


1000 - 1200 3 liter
Field crops  



1 liter

Vegetables 750 1 liter
Sugar beet 500 1  liter